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About Us

We make socially-enabled web platforms with enterprise tools that help businesses to engage with their communities and generate revenue from published digital content. 

Our platforms build on the communication and collaboration patterns commonly found in retail social media, with commercial features that enable all kinds of digital content to be created, distributed and monetised, as well as tools that address privacy, access control, regulation and other business imperatives.  Our social environments are used to power all sorts of applications, from niche social networks through to complex peer-to-peer marketplaces with App Stores where users can create, market , sell and buy content and services.

Solutions are created using our Spine technology platform.  Spine has been designed from the ground up to be social, and  includes a suite of proprietary enterprise pluginsand technical extensions that  enable us to configure  and deploy a wide range of web-based environments, either as stand-alone applications that can be managed on a client site or hosted by us,  or set up  as a cost-effective, repeatable application via our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

Whether you’re looking for a branded corporate collaboration network, a portal to deliver e-learning material to your team, or a complex, socially-enabled commercial market for trading digital content and Apps , Thematic Networks is a smart choice to help you achieve your ambitions.


  • Our Spine platform was further developed over the period since 2010 to include a range of powerful publishing tools that enable network users to create, license, sell and buy a range of digital content, including media, data services and applications.  
  • Spine was enhanced with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities in 2010, when Thematic Networks acquired Curverider, the company behind the Elgg social engine and the SaaS-based social networking service.
  • In December 2010 we rebranded as Thematic Networks
  • Today, we’re working with businesses in a wide range of sectors, from universities through to publishers, event companies, financial sector companies, engineering companies and international membership organisations